This is how I do it

This is how I set up OS X for web development. I started with a brand new Macbook Pro.

Set up OS X for Web Development in 10 Minutes


Remove the useless dock icons

I remove almost everything but finder and trash

Install Chrome

Because who uses Safari?

Install Dropbox and 1Password*

I use 1Password and Dropbox together. Dropbox holds my 1Password vault so I can keep my vault in sync between computers, but I still have control over my vault, as opposed to how something like Lastpass works.

Install Alfred 2* and Contexts*

Alfred is a powerful replacement to Spotlight. With the powerpack you can install lots of great workflows. It is well worth the money. Contexts is a great window switcher.

Install iTerm 2

iTerm is a great terminal emulator with lots of great features.

Install Homebrew

To install Homebrew you need to install the Command Line Tools. To do that you just execute this in the terminal:

xcode-select --install

And then when that is complete you can execute the homebrew installer:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Vagrant and Virtualbox

Virtual machines are a nice way to work on a development environment that matches your production server environment. They're portable, and you can starta them up, shut them down, destroy them and provision them whenever you want. I think they are much better than using something like MAMP.

Install Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a great MySQL client. It also works with MariaDB (so far).

Install Navicat Premium* (if you do a lot of database work)

If you don't do a lot of database work, navicat is really not worth the money. For me it feels like buying photoshop to crop your selfies. I do most of my database work through code and use the GUI clients mostly to just verify things look like I expect, so I do regret purchasing navicat. I got frustrated looking for something decent to use with SQLite and PostgreSQL and bought it on impulse. Please note that PSequel is looking pretty promising as the Sequel Pro for PostgreSQL.

Install Pathfinder 7*

Pathfinder is a nice replacement for Finder. It is very powerful in comparison.

Install Telegram

Telegram doesn't really belong in this list, but I really want to promote this. It is the best messaging app. It's free and is run by a non-profit that appears to be dedicated to privacy and security and it is funded by Pavel Durov through his Digital Fortress Fund.

Install Fantastical 2* and Airmail 2*

Fantastical is a real great calendar app and Airmail is a really great mail app.

Install Textual 5*

Textual is a pretty good IRC client.

Install Slack

Slack is currently the best team communication tool. It has a free tier.

Install Transmit*

Transmit is the best FTP/SFTP client.

Install Tower 2*

Tower is the best git client ever. I use it to look at my diffs and my history. It's just really nice for that. It's worth the money to me even though I still do most of my git commands from the terminal.

Install Oh My Zsh

Oh my zsh is good, so use it. thx.

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Update your git version using homebrew

Update git from the default apple install:

brew update

brew install git

You will still be using the default apple git, so rename that and you'll be using the updated version:

sudo mv /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git-apple

Install Sublime Text 3* and Package Control

Sublime Text is such a great text editor. Package control plays a huge role in making it great.

Install a Sublime Text theme

Use package control to install any awesome theme. ## Install [Source Code Pro]( font It's beautiful, you love it. ## Install node using homebrew and then [gulp]( using [npm]( ``` brew update brew install node npm install -g gulp ``` easy peasy ## Add some key binding to iTerm Open the preferences, and then under profiles and keys, set some new key bindings: - `cmd + left` send hex code `0x01` - `cmd + right` send hex code `0x05` - `opt + left` send escape sequence `b` - `option + right` send escape sequence `f` - `cmd + delete` send hex code `0x15` ### ** Paid apps alternatives, coming soon. If you have your own suggestions leave a comment below!*